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Storm Update

Updated:  08/17/2020 - 6:30PM CDT

This past week has been a trying time for our communities here in Eastern Iowa.  Many of our clients and all of our staff have, like many, been impacted by the historic storms that ravaged much of the state one week ago.  

We are thankful to the many clients who have reached out to us to check in, and to have heard from so many of you to know that you are safe.  

Cedar Rapidians, and Iowans in general, have been through natural disasters before, and we admire the hard work and effort that we have seen from so many in our community over the past week, as neighbors have helped neighbors, and strangers have stepped in to help repairs homes and remove trees and debris from yards of people they've never met.

At this time, our Cedar Rapids office remains without power.  Given the level of damage in the immediate area, and the cleanup yet to be done, the office will remain closed through August 21st.  We are hopeful that power will be restored and we can complete clean-up and repairs to resume normal operations on the 24th.

In the meantime, our team will be working remotely to ensure continuation of services. Clients are asked to contact advisors via email or cell phone with any needs for assistance or service.  As cell phone and internet service throughout the metro area continues to be impacted periodically, we will do our best to return messages as quickly as possible and thank you in advance for your patience.  

Should you not have your advisors contact information available, you may email contact@basepointwealth.com.  Please be sure to indicate the person you are attempting to reach and we will ensure the message gets delivered.

Our thoughts are with all of our friends, neighbors, family, clients, and team members who have been impacted by the severity of this storm.

Best wishes,

- Basepoint Wealth