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Philanthropic Planning & Charitable Giving

Maximize your gifting by utilizing smart tax planning strategies

There are many ways to give to charities and causes that are important to you.   Basepoint Wealth advisors can explain and evaluate a wide array of charitable giving strategies to help determine which might be best for you and your goals.

Recent tax code changes have made it more difficult for many to deduct annual charitable contributions, increasing the importance to you - and to the causes you care about - of identifying strategies to maximize the value of your planned giving.

Charitable giving during your lifetime

Immediate tax deductions with the ability to donate to non-profits in future years.  Excellent strategies for years when you experience a spike in taxable income.

  • Donor-Advised funds
  • Private Foundations
  • Direct Charitable Giving

Charitable giving while generating income

Charitable trusts offer flexibility and some control over your intended charitable contributions as well as lifetime income, thereby helping with retirement, estate planning and tax management.

  • Charitable Lead Trust
  • Charitable Remainder Trust

Charitable legacy giving

Many people have the goal to extend their tradition of giving beyond their lifetime. As you plan for philanthropic support as part of your legacy, a charity (including a Donor-Advised Fund) can be named as the beneficiary of a will or a revocable or irrevocable trust.