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Executive Equity & Compensation

Equity compensation can make up a significant portion of personal financial wealth for corporate executives as well as employees of early-stage companies or those with employee stock plans. While stock incentives are an important component of compensation, it is also important to understand and manage the risks that can accompany these equity programs. Expert analysis and planning are needed to maximize the opportunity these benefits present while minimizing the impact of taxes.

  • Review and analyze equity-based compensation including Incentive Stock Options (ISO), Non-Qualified Stock Options (NQSO), Restricted Stock Units (RSU), Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP), and Employee Stock Purchase Plans (ESPP)
  • Advise and implement investment strategies for liquidity events such as a merger, buyout, or sale of a closely held business
  • Recommend contribution and payout strategies for deferred compensation programs
  • Develop strategies for managing concentrated equity holdings
  • Assess and facilitate Net Unrealized Appreciation (NUA) opportunities