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Discover your financial success.

Financial Planning

We offer guidance and advice on a broad array of financial decisions that can impact your long-term goals.  Our highly qualified advisors allows you to have peace of mind in a complex financial world, getting back to focusing on the things in life that matter most to you, knowing you have a team dedicated to helping you achieve success.   Read More

Tax Planning

Tax efficiency is an often-overlooked component of wealth management. At Basepoint Wealth, our advisors work with you and your tax preparer to help you preserve as much of your hard earned income and savings as possible.  Read More

Philanthropic Planning

Though giving directly to a charitable organization is one of the most common ways to contribute, it is not the only option. A number of strategies and vehicles exist, each with its own potential benefits and considerations. Choosing the right approach for your situation can help you give more effectively and efficiently.  Read More

Insurance Planning

A key part of a proper wealth management plan is to accurately identify, quantify, and resolve risks that may present themselves throughout your lifetime and potentially undermine the hard work you have put in to achieve your goals.   Read More

Investment Management

We deploy a rigorous yet flexible process to design customized investment portfolios, keeping your best interests in mind. Our Investment Committee, comprised of investment professionals with years of experience across all types of market cycles, convenes regularly to set the course for our strategic recommendations.   Read More

Business Planning

If you’re a small business owner, you know how challenging it can be to run your personal finances and your business books. Often one gets more attention than the other, and through brute force and sheer will, you manage financial success.  Read More

Estate Planning

You've worked hard your entire life to build your nest egg.  Ensuring that your legacy plans are carefully identified will give you peace of mind, and assist your heirs in a difficult time.  Through close coordination with your attorney, we will help to ensure that no important documents are overlooked.   Read More

Executive Compensation

Equity compensation can make up a significant portion of personal financial wealth for corporate executives as well as employees of early-stage companies or those with employee stock plans.  Expert analysis and planning are needed to maximize the opportunity these benefits present while minimizing the impact of taxes.  Read More