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Continued Client Website Enhancements

In May, an improved version of our Client Website, available via your mobile browser at www.basepointwealth.com, was launched.  Additional enhancements continued to be made throughout the Client Website experience.

Did You Know?

The BasepointWealth client website includes a "Data Aggregator".   This means that, in addition to keeping up to date with your accounts managed by Basepoint Wealth, you can securely connect nearly any financial account from any institution to your Client Website.  Not only does this allow you to keep track of all your financial information in one place, any accounts that you connect will feed information into your advisors financial planning tool, allowing them real-time access to information that helps in providing you comprehensive advice and better management of your portfolio.   

How does it work?

Simply click "Add Account" when logged into your Client Website account, and follow the on-screen instructions to connect accounts held at other institutions.  You and your advisor will now see near real-time updates through the BasepointWealth client website.  Of note, neither you nor your advisor can make any changes in accounts that you connect, the data is simply "view only".

Major enhancements 

In the coming months, the connections with many major financial institutions will be changing from a "screen scraping" technology - commonly used by major aggregators like Quicken, or Mint - to an API based method of data sharing.  This changeover is coming as the financial services industry continues to make improvements in both data reliability and security.   Changes will come one institution at a time, and at some point, if you have accounts connected to your Client Website, you will likely be prompted to re-enable the connection.  When this occurs, simply follow the on-screen instructions, or ask your advisor for assistance.