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2019 Tax Preparation with Basepoint Wealth

Basepoint Wealth is excited to continue our mission to provide comprehensive financial planning, investment management advice, and tax preparation services.  We will be working with AccounTax Solutions, LLC & Allen Accounting Services, PLC again to provide tax preparation services to our clients for 2019 federal and state income tax returns.

By partnering with experienced CPAs, we will be able to integrate the tax preparation process into your existing wealth management relationship with us and ensure a consistent and high-quality experience.  We will continue to deliberately expand this service and further enhance joint systems and processes with our partners.

Since last year was our first year of providing tax preparation services, we limited our availability to a small number of returns to facilitate the creation and testing of our ability to coordinate systems and processes with our new partners. While we will continue to take a measured approach to implementing this service, we do have the capacity to expand the number of returns we prepare next year.  

Please notify us by December 23rd if you are interested in participating.  You may contact your wealth advisor team, or simply call our office at 319-826-1898.  If we prepared your tax return for 2018, there is no need to contact us; we will be reaching out to you soon with additional information for the 2019 tax season. Once we have established the level of interest, we will provide additional information to participating clients to help in gathering necessary documents to complete 2019 returns.

We look forward to working with you to provide a complete and accurate tax return, at a reasonable price, with less work required by you.