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Two Roads Diverged

Family, Friends, and Clients:

Thank you sincerely for accompanying us on this journey. It is a path less traveled by in the financial industry, and one that we expect to make all the difference. After years of trying to lead by example in a world dominated by hidden fees, misaligned incentives, winks and nods, and questionable products, we have embarked on a mission to set a new standard for providing advice that is properly aligned in our mutual venture to help you reach your definition of financial success.

While the name has changed, the drive to pursue your success continues. We will continue to work with you to identify and refine your goals, evaluate your resources, formulate a plan, and put your wealth into action, in an attempt to satisfy all of your needs and most of your wants. Working together, we can do our best to maximize your wealth through prudent decision making, careful investment planning, and informed income tax and estate planning strategies.

We have exciting changes to our capabilities and technology that will better match our specific process. We are diligently putting these resources to use so that we can more accurately deliver our proprietary process and, in doing so, help you define and reach financial success. Our team is executing this transition logically and thoughtfully, and it has been a pleasure to take part in this monumental undertaking, creating the largest fee-only Registered Investment Advisor in the Cedar Rapids area.

We will keep you updated in the coming weeks and months on our progress, as we continue to evolve your financial advisory firm into an industry leader in the delivery of independent, fee-only financial and investment advice. I want to take this opportunity to say: Welcome to Basepoint Wealth, from here you can go anywhere.

Warm Regards,

W. Allen Wallace
Director of Wealth Management