A plan as unique as you.  For when you need it.

For Individuals

You may change jobs, start a business, get married, buy a house, become a parent, then a grandparent, sell your business, get audited by the IRS (we hope not), inherit a little money (or more than a little), get divorced, sell a farm, or maybe even go a few years where nothing changes at all. Having a strategy in place to deal with all that is expected - and unexpected - means you can focus on the things in life that matter most to you.

Our wealth management advisors work closely with you to identify and analyze your goals, develop customized solutions and recommendations, and assist you with implementation to ensure that you continue moving forward along your unique path to success.

Most importantly, our advisors will help you prioritize the decisions that are most meaningful to your success, leaving you with more time for the kids' ballgame, volunteering for causes that matter to you, or spending precious moments with grand kids.

Defining Your Goals

We work to give you peace of mind in a complex financial world, helping you focus on establishing clear goals, strategies for achieving them, and identifying risks that could get in the way.  Bringing these items into clear focus will help you get back to spending time on the aspects of life you enjoy.

Our Process

Investing for Success

We deploy a rigorous yet flexible process to design customized investment portfolios that align the outcomes in your portfolio with your financial goals and objectives.  

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Planning for Income

Transitioning to a new stage of life is stressful.  Knowing where your income is going to come from shouldn't be.  We'll work with you to identify a strategy that maximizes your income while minimizing your tax liabilities, leaving you with more money to spend on those goals that matter.

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Leaving a Legacy

We'll work with you to identify your legacy planning goals, consolidate your important documents, life insurance policies, retirement plans, and any other information needed to assist your heirs in fulfilling your wishes.

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For Businesses

Whether you're a small business owner, or a corporate executive, you know how challenging it can be to run your personal finances and keep your eye on your business. Often one gets more attention than the other, and through brute force and sheer will, you manage financial success.

At Basepoint Wealth, we are here to help you make sure that all aspects of your finances are in order. With our help, you can simplify the process by integrating your business and personal planning—finding efficiencies that may create more personal wealth. This often includes a combination of strategies to reduce taxes and enhance the value of your business.

And when it comes time to plan your exit, we'll be there to help guide you through preparing a succession plan that protects you and your family if something unexpected occurs, while evaluating the most efficient ways to structure the sale or transition of your business equity.


Your business is a key part of your personal financial plan.  We'll help you find ways to maximize the value of your business to achieving your financial goals.

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Maximizing Benefits

Employer provided benefits double as a method for attracting and retaining key talent needed to grow your business - or perhaps attract a future successor.  We'll work with you to evaluate strategies that could enhance the value of your benefit programs - including retirement plans - for the mutual benefit to owners and key employees.

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Exit Planning

Understanding how your exit will impact the business - and your personal financial situation - are key components of a well-rounded transition plan.  Whether you intend to sell the business to a 3rd party, or transition ownership to a key employee or family member, our advisors will work with you to lay out the many different options to explore which make the most sense for you.

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Tax Efficiency

Our planning and tax professionals will assist you with making tax efficient decisions today that will provide you maximum benefit to you today and in future years.

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Risk Management

A key part of a proper wealth management plan is to accurately identify, quantify, and resolve risks that may present themselves throughout your lifetime and potentially undermine the hard work you have put in to achieve your goals. At Basepoint Wealth, our advisors use cutting edge planning technology that allows us to identify and explain to you the risks that you face, and to help you determine what, if any, steps can or should be taken to address them.

If an insurance need is identified, our insurance consultants will analyze any existing insurance that you own, and develop a plan to strengthen what you have, or plug gaps where you may not have what you need.

Insurance that is Commission Free

Basepoint Wealth and its advisors are fee-only fiduciaries - always. Unlike brokers, our advisors cannot be compensated by commissions paid by 3rd parties - like insurance carriers. That means when we help you identify the risks that you and your family face, and assist you with deciding what, if any, insurance product is right for you, you never need to worry about whether or not your Basepoint Wealth advisor is receiving a large commission for selling a particular product that is clouding the quality of advice you are receiving. They aren't, and they can't.

Basepoint Wealth advisors have access to over a dozen insurance carriers, including several of the largest and most reputable carriers, such as Principal, TIAA, AXA, Great West, Columbus Life, Lincoln, and Allianz, who have decided to create commission-free versions of their insurance products. This means your Advisor is never financially motivated to recommend that you purchase insurance, nor any specific type of insurance. Our only interest is your best interest.

Life Insurance

Replaces income as well as business succession funding in a way that may be income and estate tax-free.  

Disability Insurance

Provides protection of your income in the event you are unable to work.

Long Term Care

Financial support for in-home care, assisted living, nursing home care, and other forms of respite care.