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“There are those that look at things the way they are, and ask why? I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?” ― George Bernard Shaw

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Have you ever just wanted to do what is right for your clients without having to take into consideration what is most profitable to some corporate entity 500 miles away? To be able to sit on the same side of the table as your clients and truly work together to help them define and reach their goals? This is something we do every day at Basepoint Wealth. As an independent Registered Investment Advisory firm, we don’t have corporate shareholders and corrupt self-regulatory agencies standing between us and our client’s goals and dreams.

At Basepoint Wealth, our firm operates solely on the fees paid to us by clients. We do not accept any commissions, or soft-dollars, or kickbacks, or marketing assistance. All recommendations are customized for the individual based on his or her goals, and implementation is not throttled by which investment firms are willing to pay revenue share to support corporate management. While we offer insurance and annuities, they are specially built commission-free products, that are not only more efficient than commission-based products, they are more flexible and integrated into our existing technology platform.

Our entire leadership team came from the Independent Broker Dealer space and understands the agony of the words “can’t get that past compliance”. While we obviously must be honest, diligent, and professional in our marketing and communications with clients, accuracy is governing factor, not a 50-point checklist of compliance barriers. Since there are no conflicts of interest in product placement, using the most appropriate investment vehicles for clients is not an exercise in shaping the client’s goals to meet compliance mandates. Compliance truly works together with us to ensure a reliable, consistent client experience.

We are looking for like-minded financial advisors to band together with us to build a client focused organization that is second-to-none. 

Our Vision: To build a new kind of financial firm that integrates all areas of advice to provide a seamless, interactive, cost effective, and easy way to establish, track and meet goals. 

Our Strategy: Building a team of highly qualified professionals that work together to innovate, execute, and deliver cutting edge strategies to clients who are served by a team consisting of multiple generations of advisors carefully selected and matched to provide an incredible experience.

If this sounds like a culture that you and your clients would fit into, please reach out to us and we can start a conversation about the way things should be done in helping clients define and reach their goals.


Warm Regards,

Basepoint Wealth